Lubtear<sup>®</sup> Eye Drops
Lubtear® Eye Drops
Dextran 70 + Hypromellose
Artificial Tear (Eye Preparations)
Indication: As a lubricant and artificial tear in dry eye and other ocular irritation syndromes associated with deficient tear or mucous secretion. This combination also prevents cornea to damage in patients with keratoconjunctivitis and for ocular lubrication. It is also used for the temporary relief of burning and irritation due to dryness of the eye and for use as the protectant against further irritation.

Dosage & Administration: Adults and children: One or two drops three times daily or as directed by the physician.

Preparation: Lubtear® Eye Drops: Each plastic dropper bottle contains 10 ml of Dextran 70 USP & Hypromellose BP combination sterile solution.
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