Larvozine<sup>®</sup> Powder
Larvozine® Powder
Cyromazine 1%
Insect growth regulator ( Non-nutritional Feed Additives)
Indication: Larvozine® is an insect growth regulator feed premix for the control of fly larvae in poultry manure.

Dosage & Administration: Larvozine® 1% Premix: Mix 500 g per ton feed.
Start treatment when flies become active and continue treatment for 4-6 weeks or until fly population is under control. Then discontinue Larvozine® and repeat the treatment when flies re-establish themselves. The use an adulticide is recommended after each treatment, in order to control the influx of adult flies. It is very important to establish a homogenous mixture of cyromazine in the feed.

Preparation: 1 kg plastic container & 25 Kg bag.
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