Levucell<sup>®</sup> SB 20 Powder
Levucell® SB 20 Powder
Probiotics (Microbial Ruminant)
Indication: To reduce pathogenic micro-organism (Salmonella, Clostridium, E. coli etc.) concentration in gut.
To reinforce intestinal microflora equilibrium
To stimulate poultry immune system
To increase production performance in layer & breeder.
To improve FCR in broiler birds.

Dosage & Administration: Rate of use (Per Ton of finished Feed):
Com. Broiler
Pre-starter 100 gm
Starter 50 gm
Finisher 25 gm
Com. Layers
Chick 100 gm
Grower 50 gm
Layer 25 gm
Chick 100 gm
Grower 50 gm
Layer 50 gm
or as directed by registered veterinary doctor or nutritionist

Preparation: LEVUCELL® SB 20: 100 gm,1 kg & 20 kg. LEVUCELL® SB 10 ME TITAN: 1 kg & 20 kg.
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