Formulation Site Pabna

Pabna Unit

Pabna Unit is the 1st manufacturing facility of SQUARE Pharmaceuticals PLC. and started operation in 1958. It is a modern plant that fully complies with WHO - cGMP Requirements. It has earned ISO 9001 Certificate in 1998, for which Auditor was Orion Registrar Inc., USA. Again, it's Quality Management System upgraded to 2008 version in 2002.

Hormone & Steroid Unit

Complying with the current Good manufacturing Practice(cGMP) SQUARE pharmaceuticals manufacture its hormones & steroids products in a separate building, dedicated only for hormonal & steroidal products. All the manufacturing procedures including Tablet Compression, Tablet Coating, Tablet Blistering, Personal Cleaning, Dispensing Booth & Automatic Granulation completed in this hormone & steroid building.

Liquid Unit

The liquid section of SPL is very important one and it's essential for any pharmaceutical company to become a good one. It includes-syrup, suspension, Dry-powder, cream and gel. It has another branch for only Entacyd suspension preparation. It start its operation from 2010.

Small Volume Parenteral & Ophthalmic Unit


Penicillin Unit

According to the cGMP guideline, all penicillin finished pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to establish a comprehensive control strategy designed to prevent cross-contamination of other drugs with penicillin. The dedicated Penicillin manufacturing unit has been constructed to meet the cGMP requirement. It is installed with modern equipments and machineries to ensure global standard penicillin products.