Bupivacaine HCl+Dextrose
Anesthetic (Anesthetics)

Spinal anesthesia for-
. Urological surgery (lasting 2-3 hours)
. Lower limb surgery (lasting 2-3 hours)
. Abdominal surgery (lasting 45-60 minutes)

Dosage & Administration:
Spinal anesthesia for surgery: 2-4 ml (10-20 mg Bupivacaine Hydrochloride). The spread of anesthesia obtained with Anespine® depends on several factors including the volume of solution and the position of the patient during and following the injection. When injected in the L3-L4 intervertebral space with the patient in the sitting position, 3 ml of Anespine® spreads to the T7-T10 spinal segments. With the patient receiving the injection in the horizontal position and then turned supine, the blockade spreads to T4-T7 spinal segments. It should be understood that the level of spinal anesthesia achieved with any local anesthetic can be unpredictable in a given patient.
The effects of Anespine® exceeding 4 ml have not yet been studied and such volumes can therefore not be recommended.

Intraspinal injection, each ml containing Bupivacaine HCl USP 5 mg & Dextrose Monohydrate USP 80 mg (each box contains 10 ampoules in blister packaging).

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