VigosolTM IV

Solution of 5% Composite Amino Acid with Electrolytes & D-Sorbitol
Parenteral Nutrition (LVP)

VigosolTM IV is indicated as a source of amino acids for protein synthesis in patients needing intravenous nutrition. VigosolTM IV is particularly suitable for patients with basal amino acid requirements. Vigosol TM IV is also indicated in faster recovery in surgery, burns, renal insufficiency, hepatic insufficiency and effective management of cancer.

Dosage & Administration:
VigosolTM IV should be infused slowly, at rates 30-60 drops per minute one to several times daily depending on the patient’s condition, age & body weight.

Each box contains sterile solution of 5% composite Amino Acid with electrolytes
& D-Sorbitol for infusion in a glass bottle with Infusion set, Alcohol pad, First Aid Bandage & Plastic hanger

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