Dulamet™ HFA Inhaler

Mometasone & Formoterol
Inhalant Antiasthmatic - Metered Dose Inhaler (Respiratory Tract Preparations)

Dulamet is indicated in the regular treatment of asthma, where use of a combination (LABA + Inhaled Corticosteroid) has been found to be appropriate. It is also effective for COPD patients.

Dosage & Administration:
Adults and adolescents 12 years and older: 2 puffs twice daily. Dose depends on the patients’ disease severity.

Dulamet™ 100 HFA: Mometasone 100 mcg + Formoterol 5 mcg/puff
Dulamet™ 200 HFA: Mometasone 200 mcg + Formoterol 5 mcg/puff

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