Dexonex-C Eye/Ear Drops

Anti-inflammatory + Anti-infective (Eye Preparations)


For steroid-responsive inflammatory ocular conditions for which a corticosteroid is
indicated and where bacterial infection or a risk of bacterial ocular infection exists. It is
also indicated in chronic anterior uveitis and corneal injury from chemical radiation or
thermal burns or penetration of foreign bodies. The combination can also be used for
post-operative inammation and any other ocular inammation associated with


Otitis externa, Otitis media and chronic suppurative otitis media.

Dosage & Administration:

Corneal Ulcers: The recommended dosage regimen for the treatment of corneal ulcer is
two drops into the aected eye every 15 minutes for the rst six hours and then two drops
into the aected eye every 30 minutes for the remainder of the rst day. On the second
day, instill two drops in the aected eye hourly. On the third through the fourteenth day,
place two drops in the aected eye every four hours. Treatment may be continued after
14 days if corneal re-epithelialization has not occurred.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis: The recommended dosage regimen for the treatment of
bacterial conjunctivitis is one or two drops instilled into the conjunctival sac(s) every two
hours while awake for two days and one or two drops every four hours while awake for
the next ve days.


For all infections two to three drops every two to three hours initially. Frequency should
be decreased gradually as warranted by improvement in clinical signs. Care should be
taken not to discontinue therapy prematurely.

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