Stiagen-Vet® Powder

Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate BP 45%
Anti-Mycoplasmal (Antibiotics)

Used for the treatment & prevention of Mycoplasmal and other infections of poultry like CRD, CCRD, Sinusitis, Air saculytis, Enteritis, Pneumonia etc.

Dosage & Administration:
Treatment: In water- 25-30 mg/ kg B.W or 1g/2L water for 3-5 days

In feed- 30-40 gm/100 kg feed for 5-7 days

Prevention: In water- 1gm/4L water for 1-7 days

20 gm/100 kg feed for 3-5 days

20 g & 50 g in sachet

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