Otetra-Vet® Injection

Oxytetracycline HCL BP
Tetracyclines (Antibiotics)

Cattle, Bultalo, Sheep and Goat : Anthrax, haemorrhagic septicaemia, black quarter, rinderpest, brucellosis, pyebnephritis, calf scour, infectious enteritis, malignant edema, dysentery, pneumonia, navel ill, liver infection, abscess, mastitis, pyometra, metritis, peritonitis, kiptospirosis, infectious plauropneumonia, calf diphtheria, castration, paratyphoid, foot-rot, salmonellosis, actinomycosis, anaplasmosis and secondary infections in FMD.
Dog, Cat: Pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis, infectious enteritis and secondary infections in distemper

Injection: 10 ml x 10 vials in a box

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