Yuccamax™ NH Liquid

Yucca extract & Organic Acid
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Yuccamax™ NH Liquid is a premix of organic acids associated with saponins of vegetal extract with antiureasic activity.
Acidifying activity: Creates an anti-bacterial barrier at the level of the stomach. Helps to improve the digestion and stimulates intestinal motility. Controls the multiplication of the intestinal flora.
Antiureasic activity: Avoids the formation of ammonia at intestinal level, achieving an improved environment. It also protects the liver, improves intestinal absorption and natural digestion.
Helps to avoid disorders like Colibacillosis, Hepatic intoxication by ammoniemia, presence of undigested feed in faeces, nutritional diarrhoea with damp bedding.

Dosage & Administration:
Shake well before use.
Poultry & Cattle: Administer in the drinking water at the dose of 1 ml/7-8 Liter of water.

100 ml HDPE Bottle

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