Pychlorex™ 20 EC

Chlorpyrifos 20%
- (Insecticide)

Pychlorex™ (Chlorpyrifos) is active by contact, ingestion and vapor action. It inhibits an enzyme of the nervous system (acetylcholine esterase); this causes convulsions and paralysis. Chlorpyrifos is used around the world to control insects in agricultural, residential and commercial settings. The chemical became widely used in residential settings, on golf course turf, as a structural termite control agent.

Dosage & Administration:
▪ Cutworm of Potato, Tobacco- 35ml/10L of water
▪ Stem borer, BPH, Leaf roler of Rice & Rice bug- 20ml/ 10L of water
▪ Termite- 35ml/10L of water

50ml, 100ml & 400ml

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