Goldazim® 500 SC

Carbendazim 50%
- (Fungicide)

Goldazim® is a broad spectrum contract and systemic fungicide of the group of benzimedazole carbamate. It controls rotten diseases cause by fungus such as cereals, fruits, cotton, tobacco, vegetables, onion and ornamental plants.

Dosage & Administration:
▪ Stem rot of Cucurbits, Tomato, Chili, Betel leaf- 10ml/10L of water
▪ Powdery mildew of Cucurbits- 10ml/ 10L of water
▪ Blast, sheath blight of Rice- 20-30ml/10L of water
▪ Purple blotch of Onion- 10ml/10L of water
▪ Anthracnose of Mango- 10ml/10L of water
▪ Tikka disease of Ground nut- 10ml/10L of water
▪ Seed treatment- 30ml/10L of water
▪ Seedling treatment- 10ml/10L of water

50ml, 100ml & 400ml

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