Ticozeb® 80 WP

Mancozeb 80%
- (Fungicide)

Ticozeb® (Mancozeb) is a characteristic of contact fungicide. It is a non-systemic fungicide with protective and contact action. When fungi come in contact with Mancozeb it acts on multiple sites action in fungal cells disrupting, lipid metabolism, respiration and production.
▪ Quickly dissolve in water
▪ It is a preventive and curative type of fungicide.
▪ It can be used any developing stages of crops.
▪ Highly potential for controlling blight disease of Potato and Tomato.
▪ It regulates spreading of disease by controlling fungus during spray.
▪ It contains Zinc (Zn) and Manganese (Mn), so plant becomes dark green after spray.
▪ It is highly effective to control rot disease for vegetables

Dosage & Administration:
▪ Late blight of Potato - 40g/10L of water
▪ Early blight of Potato- 40g/10L of water
▪ Late blight of Tomato - 40g/10L of water
▪ Early blight of Tomato- 40g/10L of water
▪ Stem rot of Jute - 40g/ 10L of water
▪ Tikka disease of nut - 40g/10L of water

100g, 500g & 1 kg

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