Award™ 40 SC

Buprofezin 40%
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New generation insecticide & acaricide. Active ingredient of Award™ is Buprofezin. Award™ inhibits the synthesis of chitin by suppressing the hormone that regulates the process in insects. When sprayed in the beginning of the occurrence of BPH, it stops BPH growth and hoppers may live 3-4 days but they can not damage the crop. Award is distinct from other insects growth regulators(IGRs), it only controls Homopterans while other IGRs specially control Lepidopterans (caterpillars and moths) or Dipterans(flies).

Dosage & Administration:
▪ BPH - 5ml/10L of water
▪ Scale insect, Mealy bug, Jassid, White fly, Aphid - 5ml/L of water

25ml, 50ml & 1025ml, 50ml & 100ml

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