Copper Blue™ 50 WG

Copper Oxychloride 50%
- (Fungicide)

Copper Blue™ is a water dispersible granule containing 88% (w/w) copper oxychloride which gives 50%(w/w) metallic copper having particle size of 2- 4 µ. Copper Blue™ is a very broad spectrum fungicide effective against a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases.
Copper Blue™ works by coating the plant leaf surface with minuscule particles of the active ingredient. These particles react with moisture on the leaf surface and release copper ions that kill bacteria and prevent fungal spores from germinating.

Dosage & Administration:
▪ Canker of Citrus- 40g/10L of water
▪ Bacterial leaf blight of Rice- 40g/ 10L of water
▪ Red Rust of Tea- 56g/10L of water
▪ Purple blotch of Onion- 40gm/10L of water


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